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Measuring Instruments

Industry Staudard for handheld devices

Easy check of residual magnetic flux density, and N or S magnet polarity!

In addition to selecting magnetic material, or to confirm the magnetic pole when magnet is installed, it can be used as an easy checker for residual magnetic fl ux density level on processed products.


  • Card size thickness, 6mm only. Convenient to have with you.
  • Audio tone and LED lights
  • N Pole (red LED) tone sounds in a short continuous note.
  • S Pole (blue LED) tone sounds in a longer continuous note
  • It detects magnetic fl ux density of more than 1mT (10G) so it can be used for simple confirmation of demagnetized results.
  • For precise measurement of magnetic fl ux density, please use TM-

Download PC Magnetic Polarity Checker Catalog Page

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